About Us

About | THE PORTUGUESE PHOTOLIBRARY OBSERVATORY is an online platform that provides an inclusive library of photobooks edited in the 21st century. The project aims to create and research new visualities around Portuguese expression photobooks and includes the production of podcasts, the release of a publication, as well as an exhibition of photobooks in different locations across the country.

Mission | Our mission is to create an observatory of contemporaneity based on narratives translated into photobooks and to call the community to engage in critical thinking and documentary inventory.

Vision | We aim to include not only photographic books themselves in this inventory but also photozines and artist books, making efforts to include independent publishing, with special attention to small-scale publishers and self-published works. This is the first structured cataloging of photobooks in Portugal and is supported by the Directorate-General for the Arts.


  • Conception and Artistic Direction: Ângela Ferreira, Rodrigo Peixoto
  • BDLF Consulting: Leonardo Wen
  • Research Team: Beatriz Banha, Diogo Bento, Hugo Barata
  • Production: Ana Luísa Oliveira
  • Web Development: Universidade Lusófona | Paulo Ferreira | Manuel Pereira | Diogo Ferreira
  • Design: Ana Teresa Ascensão
  • Sound: Hedisson Mota (Coordination), Bruno Bossa, Marco Lopes
  • Photography: Matilde César, Ska Batista
  • Partners: Universidade Lusófona, Database of Photography Books from Brazil
  • Support: Hélice - Photographers Using Photography, Pierrot le Foi, Stolen Books, Lata Edições, Pierre von Kleist, Ghost Editions, A Ilha/XYZ, Ideas in the Dark


  • Specialized Institutions, Physical and Digital Libraries for 10x10 Photobooks: Africa in the Photobook, Artphilein Photobook, Library Belgian Photobooks, Center for Book Arts, Centro de Fotografía de Montevideo, Centro de la Imagen, Centro de la Imagen (Peru), El Fotolibro Venezolano, Fotoplus International Center of Photography, Instituto Moreira Salles, Josef Chladek, Livros de artista na coleção Itaú, Cultural Maison Européene de la Photographie, Observatorio de Fotolibros, Photobibliothek Photobook Club, Photobook Database, Protest in Photobooks, Self Publish Be Happy Turma
  • Fairs, Festivals, and Awards: Australia & New Zealand Photobook Award, Encuentro de Fotolibros EN CMYK, Felifa Festival Imaginária, Festival Zum, Fiebre Photobook, Fotobookfestival Kassel, Lisbon's Photobook Fair
  • Blogs, Reviews, and Critiques: Bildersturm, Gabriela Cendoya, LUR, Monsters and Madonnas, Photobook Journal, Punto de fuga
  • Portuguese Publishers: Hélice - Photographers who Use Photography, Pierrot le Fou, Stolen Books, Lata Edições, Pierre von Kleist, Ghost Editions, XYZ, Ideias no Escuro
  • Specialized Bookstores: Dashwood Books, Lovely House, Origem, Photobook Corner, Stet Photobook Store, Photo-eye, Printed Matter, The Photographer's Gallery


Nervo • nervophotobooks@gmail.com